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How We Select Orphanage Partners

We’re always on the lookout for orphanage directors who, with the proper support, have the potential to create a high standard of care for their kids. Somewhere between the poorest and wealthiest orphanages, there are many “aspiring” orphanages who have demonstrated the desire and the ability to see the children successfully through to adulthood– they simply need a little help to get there.

We partner with orphanage directors who are eager to become better leaders, and we help provide the support and resources they need to fulfill their vision for the kids. The following graphic outlines each phase on the road to certification:

Honoring Tradition

Throughout this process, we encourage the orphanage directors to maintain their existing goals and traditions. We’re not here to tell them what to do, we’re just here to help them do it even better.

We currently partner with five orphanages throughout Mexico and Haiti.


Rancho de los NiÑos

Rancho de los Niños (formerly known as Casa de Paz) is run by Jorge and Elie Fonseca, who both grew up in the orphanage they currently oversee. The facility is well established, hosting an average of 80 children ranging in age from babies to late teenagers. ACHF provides 95% of this facility’s volunteer, remodeling, and maintenance support. You can view their most recent Orphanage Improvement Roadmap here.

Rancho de los Niños is currently at the Invested level in the certification process.

Nuestra Familia

Nuestra Familia is located in Tijuana, Mexico, just 15 minutes from the San Diego and the U.S. border. It is run day-to-day by Juan and Emma Villagran, a retired couple originally from Guatemala. The relationship between this couple and the nearly 50 children they help care for is awe-inspiring.

Nuestra Familia is currently at the Invested level in the certification process.

19-10-01Carlitos 3

Buena Vida

Buena Vida is located just off the U.S. border, near San Diego, in La Mision, Mexico. It is run by a couple native to Mexico, Gabriel and Meche. Currently, the location is home to 25 children. The facility was recently expanded by land that was purchased and built upon by ACHF donors and volunteers, allowing for future growth of up to 40 children.

Buena Vida is currently at the Pledged level in the certification process.


Rancho Del Niño (in Guaymas) is a Spanish-style home with a central courtyard for children to play. The orphanage is run by Catholic nuns from the area who have been the traditional caregivers since the 1980s. The orphanage houses an average of 25 children from newborns to late teens, and guests and volunteers stay on-site.

Rancho Del Niño is currently at the Pledged level in the certification process.

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CSEDI Orphanage (Centre de secours des enfants en difficulté – “Rescue Center for the Needy Children”) holds a special place in the hearts of ACHF volunteers. While constructing our first orphanage in Haiti in 2003, the ACHF team and our volunteers came to know a strong young man in his late teens named Dovick Joseph. Today, Dovick and his wife are saving the lives of Haitian children who would otherwise be abandoned and living homeless.

Rancho Del Niño is currently at the Pledged level in the certification process.

As we expand, so will this list. Check back in the future to learn about our newest partners.

Together, we’re lifting orphans from surviving to thriving.

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