A Child's Hope Foundation Summer Camp


Join our full-time team in Mexico from May 24th to August 13th, where volunteers hold cooking, sports, music, and other classes at 3 different orphanages serving over 130 children. It’s an experience you won’t forget.


Applications are due April 23, 2021!

Current Positions

Rancho de los Ninos

  • Music Teacher (Violin & Voice)
  • Dance Teacher
  • Sports & Fitness Teacher
  • Cooking Teacher
  • Computer Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • Theater Teacher

Buena Vida

  • Music & Art Teacher
  • Dance & Sports Teacher

Nuestra Familia

  • Music Teacher (Guitar & Voice)
  • Art Teacher
  • Sports & fitness Teacher
  • Cooking Teacher

If you don’t have the skills to fill the positions listed above, but you still feel you have something amazing to bring to the table, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to have you.

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The Orphanages we partner with need people to fill certain roles that help support the children. Our Summer Camp aims to find exemplary, talented, and committed people who can help fill these needs.

Applications are due April 23, so make sure to apply fast!

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The Volunteer Guidebook includes information on expectations, the minimum commitment time, Mexico, the program, a sample volunteer budget, and more!

I feel like I’ve impacted the kids because of the friendships I created with them. I feel the interactions they make with others are crucial and they should learn to bond with other people besides their house parents, and it’s important for them to feel loved and I think I’ve created that with them. It’s been great, I’ve loved it here! I wish I could stay longer!” –Alli


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