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What's a Project Tile?

A project tile is one specific, manageable piece of the greater whole. Each tile represents a particular project that an individual or a group can “adopt” and fund– a project that represents one of the most urgent, most important needs of our orphanage partners. 

The great thing about project tiles is that they make it crystal clear where your donation will be going, and much easier to choose the areas of focus that mean the most to you. 

Everyone who adopts a project tile can rest assured that 100% of their contribution will go to a project that really matters right now— not to overhead, not to other projects, just the one specific project outlined in the project tile.

Summer Camp 20-06-29-23

Provide Sustaining Services for One Year

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NOTE: You can adopt this project by selecting “Adopt” or you can contact an ACHF team member to learn more.

At A Child's Hope Foundation, we don't believe in lifting up an orphanage or a child just to leave them. Sustain Funds are specifically designed to provide the sustaining efforts needed to help an orphanage and a child continue on their path to thriving and beyond. Sustain funds cover support costs such as supplementing caregiver support, therapists, tutors, and Child's Hope Plans.

Casa Hogar Morada del Nino Jesus is one of our newest orphanages and one with some of the greatest need. Morada is home to roughly 40 children, nearly all of whom are special needs. Laura, the extremely talented Orphanage Director, is known as a woman skilled at supporting these children and helping to improve their quality of life. There are few caregivers and little support for therapy and education. Sustain Funds would be the difference between "barely getting by" and giving these children, and Laura, an incredible boost forward.

Project Timeline

Morada will have completed their first Thrive Assessment and Orphanage Improvement Roadmap by March, 2021, after which implementation of these great needs will be able to be addressed in a holistic, planned way.

Cost Breakdown

By basing off of similar orphanages, we have estimated that one year of Sustain Funds will be broken down as follows:

$1,150 for caregiver expenses
$850 for tutors
$600 for Hope Plans ($15/kid/month)
$1,100 for Therapists

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