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What's a Project Tile?

A project tile is one specific, manageable piece of the greater whole. Each tile represents a particular project that an individual or a group can “adopt” and fund– a project that represents one of the most urgent, most important needs of our orphanage partners. 

The great thing about project tiles is that they make it crystal clear where your donation will be going, and much easier to choose the areas of focus that mean the most to you. 

Everyone who adopts a project tile can rest assured that 100% of their contribution will go to a project that really matters right now— not to overhead, not to other projects, just the one specific project outlined in the project tile.

Summer Camp 20-06-29-23

Complete Home for Orphanage Director

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NOTE: You can adopt this project by selecting “Adopt” or you can contact an ACHF team member to learn more.

Gabriel and his wife came to Buena Vida 4 years ago after running a successful technology business. They felt called to the work of supporting children in need and have personally invested significant funds to revive Buena Vida from its very poor condition. Today, Buena Vida is home to 18 children and more continue to arrive. Gabriel is known to be incredibly resourceful and committed. Those who knew the Buena Vida of 6 years ago wouldn’t hardly recognize it.

For those 5 years, Gabriel and his wife have put off building a small home of their own on the property. They have lived in the same building as the children, and while that has been a blessing in many ways, the time has come for them to have their own space. For the last year, slow progress has been made on a block building that will become a home for Gabriel, his wife, and their 3 children. The only outstanding needs are now the roof, finish work, and appliances.

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