Why We’re Here


Lifting Orphans from
Surviving to Thriving

Many orphaned children come from environments where there is abuse and/or neglect. Your donations help orphanage directors create family style environments with the kind of support the kids need, so they can flourish and contribute positively as adults. 100% of donations go directly to the kids. 

We’re here because we believe every child has the right to thrive. We are dedicated to providing hope and healing for orphaned children in developing countries throughout the world. Here’s how we do it:


We help children heal from abuse and neglect. We fund therapists and tutors to create and implement individualized plans to help each child heal from trauma, learn, and grow up to be happy, healthy adults.


We help strengthen orphanage directors. We create Orphanage Improvement Roadmaps to connect orphanage directors with the funding, training and volunteer support they need to succeed.


We magnify the impact of every donation. We use the Thrive Assessment to determine the projects that will have the biggest impact in the lives of the orphans we serve.


Donors and supporters like you make it possible for us to collaborate with orphanage directors to find the best way to help them achieve their mission. Thanks to your help, we can be there to support them for the long haul by working with orphanage directors to make their homes the best they can be.

Your efforts are already lifting caregivers to be the best they can be, so orphans can thrive all over the world.  You’re helping them to build safer, healthier, happier environments so the kids can grow up to have healthy families of their own.

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Where It All Began

Founded in 2002, Paul and Carolene Cook started A Child’s Hope Foundation to give orphans and volunteers alike an experience of love, charity and hope for the future.

OUr Story

In 1997, Paul and Carolene Cook adopted their beautiful daughter, Megan, from China. In 2001, Megan’s adoption agency came to the Cooks and asked them to donate to improve an orphanage in Haiti. They donated some money and thought little more of it.

A few months later, the agency returned to the Cooks and asked Paul if he would take a trip to Haiti to see what his donation really meant to the kids there.

Paul said, “It was only then, when I saw the desperate plight of orphans in Haiti, that I knew I needed to do more than just donate money. I needed to personally get to work on this problem and help save the lives of these kids. We named our charity ‘A Child’s Hope Foundation’ because we believe it is every orphan’s hope to belong to a loving family.”

In 2002, A Child’s Hope Foundation started by building an “Adoption Orphanage” in Haiti—a short-term home for children to stay until they were adopted. Hundreds of volunteers traveled at their own expense to help in construction efforts.

After dozens of children were adopted from that facility, the Hague Adoption Convention introduced policies that made it incredibly difficult for families to adopt internationallyAs a result, since 2004 there has been a 74% decline in adoptions to the US.

Because of security issues that arose in Haiti, A Child’s Hope Foundation stopped taking volunteers there and began partnering with orphanages in Mexico instead. We have since hosted more than 6,000 volunteers, who have brought their resources and skills to improve the living conditions of the children. We are also now returning to Haiti to continue the work there!

Together, we’re lifting orphans from surviving to thriving.

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