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Why We’re Here

What if you could donate to help orphaned children and know the money wasn’t being wasted?


With the help of A Child’s Hope Foundation, you can.

People want to help orphans, but with all the corruption in the world, it’s hard to know where to direct your contributions.

Our certification process ensures that the children are on the path to thriving at our partner orphanages, which breeds trust, which then attracts further investment from donors.

Here’s how it works:


Our certification and needs fulfillment processes help each orphanage become the best it can be.


The orphanage is able to produce reports that demonstrate how well they’re doing to potential donors.


The kids at thrive and the orphanage directors can attract more and more support.


Why Us?


No one else is filling the roles we’re filling for orphanages; providing them with prioritized and budgeted plans, reports and audits, and finding partners to coordinate and fulfill their needs. 


As a result, donations and grants to the orphanages grow exponentially.

Why Orphanages?

In the orphan care space, the goal is to help deinstitutionalize orphanages. Deinstitutionalization means that children are able to be raised in a family-style environment and receive individualized attention. Of course, there is no ideal situation. Foster care requires the government hiring additional social workers and recruiting families to care for children, all of which takes tremendous time and long-term political support. Many countries don’t yet have the infrastructure and tax base necessary to fully transition to foster care. In fact, in the countries where we work, the government doesn’t provide any financial support to orphanages.

We support orphanages because that is where orphaned children currently live in many countries. Our goal is to support family-style orphanages because we have seen that they are effective at meeting the individual needs of children and setting them up for success in life.

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Why Should We Certify Orphanages?

Ultimately, we certify orphanages so we can build up individual children via “Child’s Hope Plans,” which allow each child to be nurtured individually according to their unique academic and social needs. 

Via Child’s Hope Plans, we provide support for therapists, tutors, caregivers and mentors so that the children receive personalized attention to prepare them for adulthood.


Why Host Service Trips?


Our service trip participants are some of our most engaged donors and volunteers. They become personally invested in the success of the kids at the orphanages where they serve. As a result, they help us to make sure the orphanages receive sufficient resources to properly care for the children who live there.


Where It All Began

Founded in 2002, Paul and Carolene Cook started A Child’s Hope Foundation to give orphans and volunteers alike an experience of love, charity and hope for the future.

OUr Story

In 1997, Paul and Carolene Cook adopted their beautiful daughter, Megan, from China. In 2001, Megan’s adoption agency came to the Cooks and asked them to donate to improve an orphanage in Haiti. They donated some money and thought little more of it.

A few months later, the agency returned to the Cooks and asked Paul if he would take a trip to Haiti to see what his donation really meant to the kids there.

Paul said, “It was only then, when I saw the desperate plight of orphans in Haiti, that I knew I needed to do more than just donate money. I needed to personally get to work on this problem and help save the lives of these kids. We named our charity ‘A Child’s Hope Foundation’ because we believe it is every orphan’s hope to belong to a loving family.”

In 2002, A Child’s Hope Foundation started by building an “Adoption Orphanage” in Haiti—a short-term home for children to stay until they were adopted. Hundreds of volunteers traveled at their own expense to help in construction efforts.

After dozens of children were adopted from that facility, the Hague Adoption Convention introduced policies that made it incredibly difficult for families to adopt internationallyAs a result, since 2004 there has been a 74% decline in adoptions to the US.

Because of security issues that arose in Haiti, A Child’s Hope Foundation stopped taking volunteers there and began partnering with orphanages in Mexico instead. We have since hosted more than 6,000 volunteers, who have brought their resources and skills to improve the living conditions of the children. We are also now returning to Haiti to continue the work there!

You can make a difference.

Together, we’re lifting orphans from surviving to thriving.

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