A Child's Hope Foundation's

March Madness

Virtual Fundraiser:

March 19-27

What Is March Madness?

Join us for this special, limited-time event and compete to see who can raise the most money for the children we serve. From March 19-27, we’ll be matching teams up against each other with the goal to out-fundraise the other teams. It’s easy to participate— all you have to do is share the fundraiser via text, email, or social media. Of course, if you choose to donate, that’s even better!

100% of the funds raised here will be used to pay for:

  • Therapists to help the kids heal and find self-worth

  • Tutors to help them catch up and gain academic skills

  • Dedicated caregivers who are always there to provide family-style support

  • Enrichment activities to expose them to sports, the arts, and career opportunities


As you might imagine, these services are incredibly meaningful in the lives of children who have most often been victims of past trauma and neglect.

Which Team Should I Join?