Ivy Hall Academy's

Kids Helping Kids

Fundraiser for

A Child's Hope Foundation

April 26-April 30th

The class that raises the most money wins!

Compete with the other classes in the school to see who can raise the most money. The top three classes will get a donut party, and if the school meets our goal, there will be treats for everyone! You can either send your donations to @Ivy-Hall-Academy, send in cash or change with a student, or write a check to A Child’s Hope Foundation. If you write a check or use Venmo, make sure to write your child’s teacher’s name so the proper class gets the credit.

What are we raising money for?

Covid-19 has made learning difficult for kids all over the world, but kids at orphanages have an even harder time staying caught up with school work because the public schools have all been closed and in many cases, online learning hasn’t been available. Because the majority of the kids who come into orphanages have a history of abuse, trauma, and neglect, our new program to provide personalized Child’s Hope Plans requires funding for:

  • Tutors to help them catch up and gain academic skills
  • Therapists to help them heal and find self-worth
  • Dedicated caregivers who are always there to provide family-style support
  • Enrichment activities to expose them to sports, the arts, and career opportunities

The “Why” Behind the Goal

It only costs $63 a month per child to provide all these amazing gifts.

We have 344 kids at our partner orphanages. It costs $756 to provide these essential services to one kid for a year. Our school-wide goal is to raise enough funds to provide a year’s worth of these services to at least 3 kids, which would be $2,268 in total. Because our overhead is covered by private organizations, 100% of the money we raise will go directly to the orphanages. Every child we fund matters because every child deserves to thrive!

Want to learn more about A Child’s Hope Foundation? Visit us at achildshopefoundation.org today!

Sounds Great! What's Next?

How You're Lifting Orphans

Of the millions of children estimated to be orphaned in the world, the vast majority suffer from psychological and physical difficulties caused by abuse and neglect. We’re on a mission to help orphanage leaders provide loving, family-style environments where children can thrive.



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100% of All Donations Go Directly to the Orphans

Private donors cover all of our overhead (even credit card fees!) so you can rest assured that every penny you contribute will go straight to programs that best serve the orphans. Specifically, the funds raised during the March Madness fundraiser will be used to fund therapists, tutors and caregivers to help kids heal, learn, and grow up to be happy, healthy adults. 

Sounds Great! What's Next?