We partner with orphanages that receive no government funding. They rely 100% on private donations.

We evaluate our orphanages on a variety of factors and give them a score.  The basic ratings are red, yellow, and green.


Red orphanages are failing to meet the basic needs of their children, including food, health, and education.


Yellow orphanages are functioning (we say “surviving”), with children attending school and being fed three meals a day.


Green orphanages are true, home-like environments that create healthy, happy, and social adults (we call this “thriving”).

The Next Level

Our main focus is on assisting our partner orphanages in advancing to the next level. If they are in the red, we first work on meeting the immediate needs that will turn them into a yellow orphanage. From yellow, we focus on advancing them to green.



With your donations, we can lift the orphanages and their children from surviving to thriving.