Back to School

Share the Gift of Education

Each year, Buena Vida Orphanage asks for your help to send the kids to school. Education is a high priority for both Buena Vida and A Child’s Hope Foundation. Because children have to buy their own uniforms and supplies, we come together to provide the means for these special children to be able to get to attend their classes.


Mandatory class uniforms include regular shoes, tennis shoes, shirts, and sweaters. Below is a summary of costs per grade.

Grade Cost How many kids at Buena Vida are in this grade?
Kindergarten and Elementary $120 15
Secondary and Preparatory School $160 9
University and Technical School $200 5

Please consider sponsoring a child or donating whatever amount you can to this Back to School season. Even small amounts make a huge difference when we come together!

Clicking the link above will take you to our donation page. Please select “Sponsor a Child For School” from the drop-down menu.


If you would like a photo of all the children with their new uniforms please send your email or address to with “Buena Vida in Uniform” as the subject line.


Thank you for your interest in helping the Buena Vida Orphanage prepare for school. They are grateful to have you as their extended family!