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Because we assess and certify orphanage leadership as effective, we make it easy for donors to see how their contribution makes a difference at the level of each individual child. They’re able to raise more money and get more support because donors feel confident that their contribution will be used in the best way possible. Here’s how it works:



We certify orphanage leadership to ensure that they’re using their resources wisely.


We get help to the orphanages through our needs fulfillment process and Child’s Hope Plans


Independent auditors make sure that each orphanage is doing what’s necessary to stay certified.

Want to know more about certification?

Read this post to find out more about how orphanage certification fits into the larger picture of what we do. 

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The Thrive Process

One of the primary things we do at A Child’s Hope Foundation is assess and certify orphanage leadership as effective. When donors know that they’re helping orphanage directors that are good stewards of their resources, they become much more likely to invest. 

Knowing that the orphanage directors we partner with are implementing a logical plan for improvement and growth (we call these Orphanage Improvement Roadmaps), donors can rest assured that their contributions are serving their intended purpose– lifting orphans from surviving to thriving. 

The certification process is structured as follows:

From Qualified to Certified

Assuming the initial investigative project goes well, we then perform our Thrive Assessment, which tells us how the orphanage currently operates in relation to 15 categories or “standards of care.” From there, we can determine the most appropriate next steps by developing their Orphanage Improvement Roadmap. 


This enables us to know the best places for donors to invest to make a difference. It also enables us to help the orphanage get to a point where they have the necessary resources to begin the implementation of Child’s Hope Plans, which are the individual plans we make with each child and all of their mentors and caregivers to make sure that they are adequately prepared for adulthood. 


From there, with the help of our regional leadership team, the orphanage provides us with ongoing information about how these programs are going. Through those reports, we are able to continually be aware of their most pressing needs and challenges, and ensure that the quality of care remains sufficient for the children to thrive.

Child’s Hope Plans

We believe that even orphaned children can thrive when supported by:


  • Dedicated Caregivers

  • Therapists

  • Tutors

  • Mentors


While the certification process alone is enough to make a significant difference for the kids at the orphanages we serve, we are also aware that the most important impact of what we do is in the lives of individual children. That’s why we are developing Child’s Hope Plans, to identify each child’s specific needs and challenges and provide them with the support they need to heal from trauma, learn, and grow up to contribute positively as adults. 


We are partnering with various organizations to deliver the oversight of these various areas in order to facilitate the implementation of these plans for the children. These partners will systematize the initial assessments of tutors and therapists so we can demonstrate that children are able to succeed academically and overcome any behavioral challenges they might face. Additionally, therapists will be independent of the orphanage so that they can report misconduct back to us without fear of financial repercussions. After ensuring that therapists and tutors are functioning at an appropriate level, we will ensure that the kids receive mentors and enrichment activities to help them develop their own ambitions and hope for the future. 



Although our volunteer service trips are one important part of what we do, they are only a small portion of the bigger picture of what A Child’s Hope Foundation aims to accomplish. Our volunteer program is that final pillar in lifting children from surviving to thriving. We send both long and short-term volunteers to our partner orphanages to complete construction projects and mentor the kids in a variety of areas. We also recruit individuals to serve as Summer Camp volunteers to help kids make the most of their summers by taking classes in drama, dance, cooking, art, English, or other activities.


We do this because the last element of Child’s Hope Plans is working to connect children with mentors who can expand their vision for their lives and provide them with additional counsel. While locals are recruited as mentors, we also make Extended Volunteer positions available for individuals or couples to go and serve as mentors at these orphanages. 


Volunteers have more time and opportunities to focus on individual children and build personal and trusted relationships with them. Mentors can teach life skills like grocery shopping, swimming, driving a vehicle, how to get a job, etc. Although orphanage directors do the best they can to be the parental figures these children need, they can’t provide enough time to each child to teach all of these skills. We do our best to fill in the gaps where we can.


All of the tools listed below enable us to help orphanage leaders give each individual child the quality of care they deserve. When donors collaborate to support great leaders, children thrive.

Thrive Assessments
The Thrive Assessment measures how well an orphanage is doing across 15 different categories. It helps us prioritize their most urgent needs.
Orphanage Improvement Roadmaps
The Orphanage Improvement Roadmap (OIR) is the plan we develop with Orphanage Leadership to help clearly outline needs, priorities, and next steps.
Strategic Initiatives
A Strategic Initiative is a project that will have the most significant impact in helping the orphanage improve.1-3 strategic initiatives are identified as part of each OIR, and are automatically considered for LIFT Funding.
Lift Funds
We use Lift Funds to launch first-time Strategic Initiatives or other needs identified through the OIR process to help lift an orphanage on its path from one stage to the next.
Sustain Funds
We use Sustain Funds to continue funding for ongoing programs that have already been approved by the board (such as therapy, tutoring, and job training).
Project Tiles
Project Tiles are how we “package” projects to be completed, like construction projects, needed equipment, security needs, etc. We identify these needs in regular meetings with orphanage directors and prioritize them at a bi-monthly Needs Coordination meeting.

You can make a difference.

Together, we’re lifting orphans from surviving to thriving.

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