How We Help

Because we assess and certify orphanage leadership as effective, we make it easy for donors to see how their contribution makes a difference at the level of each individual child. They’re able to raise more money and get more support because donors feel confident that their contribution will be used in the best way possible.

How It Works

Our certification process helps orphanage leaders better manage their resources and make necessary changes to provide the best possible environment for the kids.

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The Thrive Process

In order to help orphanage directors move each orphaned child from surviving to thriving, we take each of our partner orphanages through the process below. This helps us to ensure that the kids have the best possible care, and that donors have the transparency they need to invest with the confidence that their money will be well spent.

The certification process looks like this:

From Qualified to Certified

In summary, we do a preliminary project with each orphanage to determine whether they’re a good fit. If they are, we assess them in 15 areas, then make a plan for which areas need the most support. Once we’ve built a roadmap of their needs, we get to work, helping them provide the transparency they need to raise funds as well as contributing some funds of our own. When they’re certified, we maintain the relationship and do everything we can to support the kids on an ongoing basis.

All of the tools listed below enable us to help orphanage leaders give each individual child the quality of care they deserve. When donors collaborate to support great leaders, children thrive.

Thrive Assessments
The Thrive Assessment measures how well an orphanage is doing across 15 different categories. It helps us prioritize their most urgent needs.
Orphanage Improvement Roadmaps
The Orphanage Improvement Roadmap (OIR) is the plan we develop with Orphanage Leadership to help clearly outline needs, priorities, and next steps.
Strategic Initiatives
A Strategic Initiative is a project that will have the most significant impact in helping the orphanage improve.1-3 strategic initiatives are identified as part of each OIR, and are automatically considered for LIFT Funding.
Lift Funds
We use Lift Funds to launch first-time Strategic Initiatives or other needs identified through the OIR process to help lift an orphanage on its path from one stage to the next.
Sustain Funds
We use Sustain Funds to continue funding for ongoing programs that have already been approved by the board (such as therapy, tutoring, and job training).
Project Tiles
Project Tiles are how we “package” projects to be completed, like construction projects, needed equipment, security needs, etc. We identify these needs in regular meetings with orphanage directors and prioritize them at a bi-monthly Needs Coordination meeting.

Together, we’re lifting orphans from surviving to thriving.

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