What We've Done since 2002



Saving Lives and Building Families

  • Built a beautiful 14,000 sq. ft. facility in Haiti that serves as an adoption center for dozens of children: ¬†including a 16 bed volunteer wing and a wing for a school/clinic
  • Over 100 children have been adopted from the adoption orphanage in Haiti, with dozens more matched with loving families
  • Provided loans to couples to adopt children through the Perpetual Adoption Fund


  • 379 volunteers have made a total of 472 individual trips to work in Haiti
  • 1,157 volunteers have made a total of 1,599 individual trips to work in Mexico
  • 19,538 estimated hours provided by work project volunteers working on the facility in Haiti
  • 85 weeks to date donated by volunteer child caregivers
  • Thousands of hours contributed by local volunteers creating (sewing diapers, blankets, sheets, clothing, etc.), collecting, sorting, and packing donations of various kinds

Coordinating and Supplying Needed Resources

  • Donated supplies to over 100 orphanages and communities in Bulgaria, China, Mongolia, Ukraine, Peru, South Korea, Haiti and Mexico
  • Mexico: Built and improved facilities at four separate orphanages in Mexico, donated thousands of dollars of supplies to various orphanages
  • South Korea: Donated $30,000 in supplies to three orphanages and several orphans in foster care
  • Haiti: Delivered three 40 foot containers of supplies by ship and delivered 1056 totes of supplies and aid brought with volunteers by plane
  • Peru: Donated around 10 totes of toys, school supplies, clothing, etc. and $5000 to provide food for seven months for 105 children and 6 nuns at an orphanage for blind and handicapped children
  • China: Donated over $110,000 as a major sponsor of the China Orphan Relief Fund which provides orphans in China medical care, food, clothing, heating, reconstruction of facilities, etc.
  • China: Provided small grants to 7 orphanages in China for supplies (food, clothing, heating, medical, etc.)
  • Haiti: Helped coordinate, facilitate, and host 18 medical and dental professionals who treated over 450 individuals (villagers and our orphans)
  • China: Facilitated the acquisition of medical supplies and vitamins for several orphanages
  • Mexico: Facilitated dental teams which provided dental services to over 100 orphans and caregivers
  • Ukraine: Held benefit concert and provided funds for a vehicle for a family-oriented orphanage