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January 26 - Going For Gold, Absolutely Loved It!

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May 1 , 2008 (April Mexico Project, Thanks from Ukraine)
April 10, 2008 (I Can Make A Difference, Mexico Photos)
March 25, 2008 (Full of Smiles, Volunteers in Mexico)
January 11, 2008 (First Mexico Work Trip, Upcoming Charity Ball)
December 21, 2007 (A Very Happy Boy, Ukraine Orphan Report)
December 1, 2007 (Ukrainian Orphanage Benefit Concert)
November 29, 2007 (18 Month Update; Working with Orphans)
October 29, 2007 (Savannah and Jordan; Small, Simple, Effective)
September 27, 2007 (Singing As She Goes, Another Adoption)
September 13, 2007 (Feed a Baby Monthly, A Special Thank You)
August 30, 2007 (He Never Stops Smiling, I'm Finally Flying)
August 16, 2007 (Helping From England, Volunteer Memories)
August 2, 2007 (A Local Celebrity, Volunteer Memories)
July 19, 2007 (Returning to Korea, Golf Tourney Report)
June 28, 2007 (Mexico Update, Lisa One Year Later)
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