In 2004 Perry Brätt, president of A Child's Hope Foundation, was in the Ukraine when an individual asked him if we would consider helping Ukrainian families care for their country's orphans through permanent foster care. This individual mentioned that he and his wife would love to care for these children, but they were unable to do so because, according to government standards, their home was too small. He requested our assistance to help him build onto his home. We were thrilled with the concept and anticipate it becoming a major part of our efforts to place children into families.


The Ukrainian government has established a program that subsidizes Ukrainians who take in orphaned and abandoned children from local orphanages. Ukrainian families who desire to care for orphaned children would first qualify with the government. The foundation's role would be to help families meet qualifications for providing foster care by assisting in building additions onto their homes. Families would be able to take in up to 10 children in a permanent foster home.

Perry and Jana Bratt in the Ukraine   Perry and Jana Bratt in the Ukrainian countryside

We are currently looking for sufficient donor contributions to establish several of these permanent foster homes. We anticipate work projects to play a major role in allowing volunteers to participate in the construction of these homes.


(as of August 15, 2008)

  • Held benefit concert and provided funds for a vehicle for a family-oriented orphanage (see details here)

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