The number of orphaned and abandoned children is increasing dramatically in Baja California, Mexico. All the orphanages in the state are filled to capacity and are unable to keep up with the additional children who need homes. Infants especially suffer, as few orphanages are able to accept and care for them. Government "transition homes" are over-crowded with dozens of babies, lack adequate food, and have only a few workers to care for them. These children need to be held and loved. The good news is that Mexican families are adopting them!

Mexico Volunteer

Volunteer helping at an orphanage in Baja California, Mexico

We are excited to announce that plans are in motion to build an Adoption Orphanage in Mexico where we will provide a loving, safe and healthy environment for the many helpless infants and toddlers who need a home until they are adopted. We have selected a couple potential building sites near Ensenada, Baja California and we are working to raise funds to purchase the land. If all goes well, we hope to break ground this fall. At that point we will have several work projects and other volunteer opportunities open up.

Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Volunteer "Work Projects" at the future Adoption Orphanage will provide families, church groups, businesses, and individuals opportunities to make a lasting impact and build stronger relationships. Long-term volunteer caregivers living on the campus will make up the majority of the staff required to run the Adoption Orphanage. Internships, study abroad, and other opportunities will be implemented to create an atmosphere of learning and growth. A highlight of traveling as a volunteer for A Child's Hope Foundation is the opportunity to interact and play with the orphaned and abandoned children at our facilities as well as at other orphanages.

As well as providing excellent care to orphaned and abandoned children, our facilities will also serve as a hosting center. We plan on offering lodging, meals, and other accommodations to volunteer groups and other guests, allowing A Child's Hope Foundation to generate sufficient funds to cover the costs of caring for the children. On the several acres we will acquire, there will be living quarters for infants and toddlers as well as apartments for visitors, volunteer caregivers, and staff. We will also build a learning center, medical clinic, recreational areas, a corporate training/hosting center, hiking trails and gardens. Creating an inviting setting for visitors will encourage steady donations, showcase our work around the world, and increase support for our mission of "Saving Lives and Building Families."

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