In 2001 our founder, Paul Cook, made his first trip to Haiti (for more background visit Our Story). When he saw the conditions and the desperate need of orphans there, he brought other concerned individuals together and formed A Child's Hope Foundation.

A Child's Hope Foundation began by building an "Adoption Center" in Haiti, an orphanage that could be a home for orphaned and abandoned children for a short time until they are adopted. Hundreds and hundreds of volunteers flew to Haiti and participated in the construction efforts as part of our volunteer work projects. On August 12, 2004, major construction ended and the facility was dedicated. Since then it has been home to dozens of orphaned children who live there until they are adopted by loving families.

Haiti Adoption Center:  Crèche De L'Enfant Jesus

In connection with the dedication of the facilities and the arrival of orphans, volunteers came to care for the children as part of the volunteer long-term caregiver program. Volunteer caregivers have served a very important role in the lives of the orphans and villagers there.


In order to allow us to decrease the costs and speed up the time of adoption from Haiti, A Child's Hope Foundation is working to institute a new adoption program in Haiti. This program will allow adoptive parents to specify the gender and age of the child(ren) they wish to adopt, while being involved in the selection process, after which the child(ren) will then be brought under our care. This will also allow adoptive families to adopt younger children and sibling groups if they so desire. This process will remove any uncertainty about a child being selected for adoption as all children will be matched and brought into our care simultaneously.

Celebrating a birthday in the Adoption Center

We have partnered with another charitable organization, Chances for Children, who have assumed responsibility for the funding and operation of Crèche De L'Enfant Jesus. We are aware of the great need of children in other various orphanages and hospitals throughout Haiti. By expanding our existing program, we are confident that many more children will find loving homes. We will continue to help other orphanages and organizations in Haiti by providing needed resources and supplies.

(as of August 25, 2010)

Saving Lives, Building Families

  • Over 100 children have been adopted from the adoption orphanage we built in Haiti
  • Dozens of children currently are cared for in the adoption orphanage, most of whom are matched with families that will be bringing them home in the following months
  • Identified and referred older children at other facilities to other agencies to promote their adoption


  • Finished a beautiful 14,000 sq. ft. facility that serves as an adoption center, including a 16 bed volunteer wing and a wing for a school/clinic
  • Dedicated the Haiti adoption center on August 12th, 2004
  • 379 volunteers have made a total of 472 individual trips
  • 19,538 estimated hours provided by work project volunteers working on the facility in Haiti
  • 85 weeks to dated donated by volunteer child caregivers
  • Volunteers have taught at local school in Ti Mache
  • Volunteers have refurbished, repainted, mortared, and ran electrical to local school which serves around 250 children

Coordinating and Supplying Needed Resources

  • Delivered three 40 foot containers of supplies by ship and 1056 totes of supplies and aid brought with volunteers by plane
  • Distributed supplies to over 50 orphanages in Haiti as well as hundreds of villagers in need
  • Helped coordinate, facilitate, and host 18 medical and dental professionals who treated over 450 individuals (villagers and our orphans)
  • Distributed nutritional supplemental food to school and other orphanages
  • Currently provide clean well water to school and village
  • Donated many supplies to several schools (chalkboards, books, pencils, uniforms, computers, and other supplies)
  • Donated goods and food to The Foundation for Children in Need

Unintended Benefits

  • Helped coordinate and generate irrigation review and plan development
  • Taught and cultivated conventional and sq. ft. gardens to serve the orphans and villagers
  • Contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to local economy during the building of facility
  • Provided employment to over 200 individuals during construction of facility
  • Provided permanent employment to around 30 individuals in Haiti
  • Taught classes of English as a Second Language to adults and children of village
  • Assisted in establishing a soccer program for village
  • Provided tools to community to repair irrigation canal and donated tools for personal uses
Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere
95% of aid to Haiti has been reduced since the early 1990s
70% of Haitian people live in poverty-annual income of $400 per year
15% of all children in Haiti are orphaned or abandoned
200,000 orphaned Haitian children live in institutions (the rest are fostered, live with relatives, or are street children)
40% of the population is under the age of 15
A history of an extremely high maternal mortality rate contributes to the number of orphans
Child-headed households are becoming more common as potential guardians succumb to AIDS or other causes of death

(source UNICEF)

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